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What are the newest technologies that help to change the face of our world?

Change is one of the common phenomena that happen regularly in our day to day life. We are moving from changes to new changes because of the innovation of new technologies. We can see the exponential growth in our technologies that helps to simplify our current lives. Today we can’t imagine a world without the presence of these technologies. Innovation of all these technologies made our life much easier as everything just away the simple mouse click. It has both positive and negative side as everything in the world. From some view point, it helps to reduce human effort and simplify their task; but from the other side, it has brought many negative impacts such as health issue, mental and emotional problems, stress etc.

Internet is one of the most important things that play an essential role in the changes of everything that we can see in these days. It changed our daily routine in numerous ways. With new innovations, lots of changes happen in the field of business, educations, communication etc. All this has become simple, easier, faster and reliable with the invention of newest technologies. Today we can get everything in our fingertip. Every human who live in this world has experienced how all these invention of technologies affect their day to day life. It made regular changes in our lives.

Communication is one of the most important field that where we can see lots of advancements. We know that, communication was little bit difficult in past years. There were no facilities to communicate people who are far away. But the advancement in digital communication, it is possible face to face communication also. Today it is possible to communicate with a person who is far away from us only with single click. Distances are not a problem for communication in these days. Advancement in communication is effective in educational field also. Today we can study under different universities without staying there. Instead of that they are using online classes and other advancement in technologies. It is possible to spread the information across the world with the help of improvements in technologies. The same facilities can use in case of business also. Most of business communication also conducts with the help of advancement in technologies.

Mobile technology is another important feature that influences our day to day life. We can simplify everything with the help of mobile technology. For example, in past years before the advancement of technologies, we were search for the meaning of any word by using dictionary, but today we won’t follow this method. Instead of searching in dictionary, we use mobile technologies. With a simple type we can get anything near to us. Whatever be the matter, we can easily get it with the help of internet and mobile technologies because internet is the large collection of data.

We know that, technology impact in medical field extremely. Technologies donate lots of good features to medical science. With the help of high-tech in technologies, it is easy to recognize different diseases easily and also easy to cure. Today there is disease that cannot cure. All these are only because of the advancements in technologies. X-ray, scanning, different tests etc are possible only with the advancement of technologies. These kind of technologies helps to improve the quality of lives in this world. Today we can’t think a world without these facilities. Because, these much we are addicted to the newest technologies.

As everything in this world, technologies also have the dark side. If we are not using these technologies in proper way, there is no doubt it will effect to our lives. We can achieve success with using only the positive sides of the technology. Today we can see that lots of people misusing the benefits of technologies. But always remember that it will harmful for our life in this world. We can see the negative impacts of technologies mainly in students. Over use of technologies reduce the thinking capacities of the students. For example, we all are using calculator widely. Regular use of this reduces the logical capacity because it will not allow our brain to think or to participate in logical activities. Also, lots of crimes happen due to the over use of technologies. We know that today we all are using impact of technologies to store our data. But we can’t say that it is secure and confidential. There is a chance to leak that in many occasions. Hacking is common in these days and we can’t say that our data are secure in the hands of technologies. So it is important that to divide as the positives and negatives of the technologies for the peaceful and successful life.

We can expect that future technology will be more interesting and amazing that what we is happening today. By utilizing the positive sides of these technologies, we can get lots of relief, satisfaction and success in our lives.

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