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Needs of martial arts classes in academic

The society gives more importance martial arts in academic life. Many schools, colleges, and all academic institutions are promoting learning of martial arts and its importance. Martial arts are giving positive impact on academic studies and performance. Today's our children are very backward in physical strength. According to scientific studies, physical strength cause to get healthy body and mind. It will affect on brain, and also give positive impact. Also martial arts are form of exercises. So that it importance people understood and adopting it into educational systems. Mostly students are spending the leisure time in front of television, video games, and computers, etc. this way their body filled fat and they can't keep flexibility in their bodies. Also these kinds of activities are cause to develop many types of diseases like mental related problems. Academic students are having a lot of stressful problems. These stresses are directly affected to the mental strength. The learning of martial are will give a relief from the stress. A lot of the advantages will get if you are learning martial arts. In this world, many forms or kinds of martial arts people followed. Each martial art is developed basis of geographical platforms, so that we can see different martial arts in each country. Academic teachers are initially gives importance for martial arts, because they know more about students' physical strength.

When you are reading this article you can understand importance of martial arts in educational career. Academic students must have discipline, concentration; leading power, observation skills, and patience, etc. martial arts are providing these all. Students can develop these all skills through martial arts. Martial arts are not formed to hitting or harassing a man. The discipline and concentration are forming through regular practices. We can't generate it one day. Academic teachers have some limitation to train students. They need to follow teaching academic subjects, and didn't get more time give advice for developing these skills. Martial arts learning are part of extracurricular activities and academic institutions are conducting competitions for proving their students' skills. Students are getting best opportunities to know and understand their skills and taste. Many students are not interested to attend and sitting in the class without proper style. Students must sit in classroom straight when attending class. The martial arts are not used for to do negatives activities. If you have health body, you can do anything and you will get a confidence to do any kinds of activities. Now days we can see all students are learning martial arts, some people are thinking why gives more important to this. Also they think like this, we can develop above mentioned skills other extracurricular activities. But we can't get self-defense ability from other extracurricular activities.

Students are handling plenty problems from society and sometimes they attacked by social criminals. Only one solution is preventing these all that is self-defense. Parents and teachers can't sit always with student or child. So learning of martial arts become more essential in every students' life. Mainly girls are attacked by criminals. We can see many similar cases in this world. Most of the countries are giving more security for students, but sometime it has no value in the society. Also students are kidnapped by criminal when students on the way to home or school. In these cases, we can see importance of self protection. Girls must learn martial arts, because they are mostly attacked. Parents are afraid and stressed when their child leave from the home to go school. Martial arts are increasing them courage and give instructions for to manage an attacker. If students are learning this in childhood or teenage level, it will more useful in their future career. That's why martial arts are included in education or academic subjects. After learning the martial arts, you will feel you are a new person, because it teaches you how to love the all kinds of thing and it made a good personality for you.

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